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Pastoral Care and Giving Of Oneself

Pastoral Care Is About Giving Oneself Completely

Mother Teresa is a great example of a pastoral care giver who gave her entire self

Pastoral Care ultimately is successful based upon the convictions, beliefs and efforts of the actual care giver.  Carol Nesbitt is a good example of what it takes to give not just one’s skills but ultimately one’s heart to the dying.

From Argusleader.com, Dorene Weinstein wrties about Carol Nesbitt in “A Friend in Death”.

The hospice room was dim, and the withered man was cocooned in  bedding while Carol Nesbitt sat nearby and cradled his hand. She periodically redraped the cool cloth on his forehead and sang, read softly or simply sat quietly.

She stayed there from early morning until late evening offering a calm, reassuring presence as death neared. It was a gift that for her comes easily.

“It doesn’t bother me to sit with someone close to death,” she says. The end of life is a sacred journey we all must take, yet most people do not want to be alone when it’s their turn to start the trip

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