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Pastoral Care Looks to Change Traditional Nursing Home Settings


Pastoral Care and Alternative Nursing Home Settings

Nursing Homes Need to Become Homes instead of Prisons (Photo by Darwinek)

Nursing Homes Need to Become Homes instead of Prisons (Photo by Darwinek)

Unfortunately not every person is healthy enough to enjoy hospice or healthy enough to remain at home in their later years.  This reality has led many to try to reinvent ways to make the nursing home experience a more pleasant experience.  Pastoral Care combined with new and innovative nursing home settings can help the elderly feel “human again”

Helen Dennis, in her article, “Alternatives to Traditional Nursing Homes” explores this idea and identifies a plan that could possible change nursing homes.

Last week we discussed what to ask and observe when visiting nursing homes for the purpose of making a selection. This week we’ll focus on some alternative models of long-term care.

Dr. William H. Thomas, a Harvard-educated and board-certified geriatrician, is determined to revolutionize nursing-home care.

One of the models he developed is the Eden Alternative, an international not-for-profit organization that transforms care environments into habitats for human beings, promoting quality of life for all involved.

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