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Pet Loss and How to Overcome it.

What is Pet Loss Grief?

A picture of a black poodle

Loosing a pet is never easy.

Adults and kids tend to get really attached to their beloved pets. For children, it’s often worse when their pets die because they have a hard time expressing their pet loss grief and may choose to act out or simply cry. Adults should take the time to sit the child down and explain to him or her that their pet is no longer suffering and went to a better place. Kids don’t always understand that the dog or cat was there the day before and now it has simply vanished. By telling them the animal is in a special place, it gives them a mental image to think about. You can also get pictures of the pet and put them in a unique frame by the child’s bed or on the fridge. Suggest to your son or daughter to draw a picture of the animal with their favorite toy. Drawing is a great form of therapy. When you feel the child is perhaps ready for another pet, see if they want to pick out another pet. Explain it is not meant to replace their favorite animal, but possibly will help comfort them and can be their friend, too.

By Jessica Banker

One Response to Pet Loss and How to Overcome it.

  1. Rob Treadway says:

    The Pet Loss Professionals Alliance is a great resource for finding people in your area who can help you memorialize your pet.

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