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Pet Loss Can Be Hard

   People become attached to their pets the same way they are attached to family members

The loss of a pet is hard because pets are family
The loss of a pet is hard because pets are family

Recently I have become more interested in changing careers to a profession that will help people. In fact, since I have had such positive experiences with people who have helped me in the past, I think that it would be very rewarding to try to do something like grief counseling with the general public. The internet has a lot of information for people like me who want to get additional training in this field. Of particular interest to me are the courses that specialize in grief counseling for loss of a pet or pet loss. Most people these days have a dog or a cat in their home and they live with that family for many years before passing on. That can be a particularly difficult situation for a family to deal with so that is why I would like to know how to offer grief counseling to those families in need of help.

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