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Pet Loss Grief and Love

A happy puppy running in the grass

Let your pet's life remind you that love is all around us.

Dealing with pet loss grief, like other forms of grief, can be difficult.  Most of us have a hard time seeing past the loss of a pet.   Do not allow yourself to feel bad.   Grieving is natural!  Do not let the grieving, however, be the only feeling that remains.    Our pets are important to us because they remind us of love.   Our pets love us and we love them.   They show us the good that exists in nature.    For more details please review the following:

By Marianne Soucy
From Healing Pet Loss.com

Pet Loss Grief and Love

That is why animals are so important to the health of us humans – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Our animal companions can teach us to be present and experience the love that is within us and around us. We are surrounded by much love and joy – if  we allow ourselves to open up, to pay attention and experience it.  For example, I can experience love from my cats.  And when I look outside, I see the garden, the sunrise, the birds, all the life out there – how can I not see the beauty and magic – the love.

For the full article please go here.

Do not let pet loss grief be the only thing you remember about your animal companion.   In the end you will have to choose between your grief and love.   Choose love and embrace everything good about having pets.

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