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Pet Loss Grief and People

Pet Loss Grief

Memories of old friends linger long after their gone

Memories of old friends linger long after their gone

How is pet loss grief different than grieving for a fellow human being? In many ways, the two are the same. For some people, however, their pets are their closest confidants. These people choose to tell all of their deepest, darkest, secrets to their cat or dog instead of risking telling them to a person who might tell. Pets are a great comfort to their companions, and when they die, they leave a hole unlike any other known to man. When a person loses their pet, their house feels quiet and empty all of a sudden. Their everyday routines are altered and do not feel comfortable or right. There is no pet to feed or take on a walk or to cuddle with or reprimand when it scratches on the couch or barks at the mail man. A dog or a cat can be a person’s best friend, and losing that is hard to cope with

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