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Praying Against Generational Curses and Sin

Powerful Counseling Prayers Against Sin and Oppression

Some curses and sins need prayer to be removed or they will haunt one generation to the next. Also please review our online christian counseling courses

Some curses and sins need prayer to be removed or they will haunt one generation to the next. Also please review our online christian counseling courses

So many times Christian counselors face sin in their spiritual children that is beyond mere counseling techniques or advice.  Sometimes one must turn to prayer to overcome sin, especially in cases of generational curses or other sins of demons that attempt to attach to a particular family tree.  Below are two powerful prayers one can use to cleanse oneself from such oppressive presences.

 Father DeGrandis recommends this prayer:

“In the Name of Jesus, and by my authority as a Christian, I cut off from past generations any communication of hatred, bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness, lust, envy, gluttony, sloth, pride, anything that is negative, anything not of the Kingdom of God. I call upon the Precious Blood to come upon me and my family. I ask the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ Name to cut and cleanse and purify any negative emotions that have been communicated from whatever generation. Amen,”


An expert named Francis MacNutt recommends saying:

 “Lord Jesus, gently reveal to me, through the Holy Spirit, those ways in which I may be living out certain patterns of inherited weakness or sin.” [Here wait to see what you receive in prayer.] “Now, Jesus, if there is any predisposition in me to (alcoholism, lust, etcetera) that has come down to me through my ancestry, I ask you through your power to set me free. Send your Holy Spirit, and by the power of your Spirit and by the sword of the Spirit, cut me free from that disposition to [here name it]. For any sins I or my ancestors have committed in this regard, I ask your forgiveness, Lord. In the Name of Jesus Christ and His Precious Blood, set me free, heavenly Father. And now, Lord Jesus, in place of this weakness, fill me with the power of your Spirit; fill me with your spirit of (self-control, courage, sobriety or whatever gift counteracts the weakness you have). And Lord, I ask you also to cut my children free from any harmful disposition they may have inherited from me or my ancestors.”

These prayers can rid one of the filth of various sins that follow or are found in one’s DNA.

If you are interested in counseling and praying to remove sin from one’s spiritual child, please review some of the Online Christian Counseling Courses.

Mark Moran, MA, GC-C, SCC-C

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