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Pregnancy and Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling and Teen Pregnancy

Learn how to help pregnant teens and also how to become a Christian Counselor

Learn how to help pregnant teens and also how to become a Christian Counselor

 A young Christian girl who is pregnant needs good spiritual guidance. She needs social support and personal support from the Church and her family. Within that structure comes good Christian counseling from lay ministries or the church itself. This young girl does not need a lecture on the commandments, but needs the charity and love Christ would give her. She also needs the support and advice to avoid the murderous choice of abortion. This is an opportune time for Christian counselors to promote the correct and only option of life. Through good Christian counseling, the girl can be prepared for her future nine months and beyond. This will involve emotional, spiritual and physical care. For more information on Christian counseling, one should consider becoming a certified Christian counselor at AIHCP. Through the courses at AIHCP, one can become certified as a Christian counselor and better prepared to face such dilemmas and difficult situations that Christians face in the modern world.

If you would like to learn how to become a christian counselor, then please review.

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