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Program for Bereavement Counselors: Child and Adolescent Bereavement: The 3 Myths of Grief and Children

How do you know a child is sad?  Please also review our program for bereavement counselors

How do you know a child is sad? Please also review our program for bereavement counselors

Sometimes adults minimize the depth or complexity of emotions that children of various ages can experience, especially when it comes to the loss of a loved one.

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

There are many myths regarding child and adolescent bereavement.  This article looks at a few the myths that surround child grief.

Parents need to be aware if their child is sad and why.  Avoiding the subject or attempting to keep grief from a child is a recipe for complicated grief later in the teen years.  It is important to be open and teach your child good grieving patterns and practices.

Children grieve differently and it is important for parents to understand this and help their child grieve.

If you are interested in our program for bereavement counselors then please review.  Our program for bereavement counselors has core courses in grief but also specialty programs for child and adolescent grief as well as courses on pet loss grief and Christian grief.

If you are a health care professional or counselor consider our program for bereavement counselors and become certified.


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