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Program in Grief Counseling: Veterans Day and Offshore Memorials

Grief and Memorials of Our Lost Brothers Overseas

Remembering.  Please also review the certification program in grief counseling

Remembering. Please also review the certification program in grief counseling

The grief of never having a father, brother, friend or even now, mother or sister never return home from war is a frightening thought.  While most come home, many memorials in Europe and around the world hold the sacred remains of brave Americans who fought overseas during WWI and beyond.  Thousands of our fallen rest in these offshore locations where their sacrifice for America and the rest of the world is remembered with honor.   Grief counselors should encourage the visiting of these sites for those who still experience the pain of unresolved grief of no return.

Michael Luongo of CNN, writes about oversea burials and cemeteries in his article, ‘Overseas Burial Grounds Honor Fallen Americans”

Carol Malone never knew her father. She was born in 1942, and her father, U.S. Army Sgt. Victor J. Hubany, was killed in 1944, before he’d been home from war to meet his little girl. She used to watch hours of World War II footage, looking for a glimpse of him.

“I don’t even know if he ever saw pictures of me,” said Malone, now 70.

But eight years ago, she made her first-ever trip to visit his gravesite — in Belgium, his final resting place after battles throughout Europe, including the liberation of Paris.

He’s just one American fighter whose remains lie in foreign fields, a soldier whose sacrifice is forever commemorated in one of the 24 permanent American burial grounds outside the United States

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Please also review our program in Grief counseling

And of course, Happy Veterans Day to all living and deceased veterans.



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