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Samson: The Patron Saint Against Despair

Counseling Despair: Never Forget Samson

Many in the world commit great sins in their life and when the time comes for them to face their Lord, they hide in fear.  Like Adam, they hide in the bushes, or like Judas, may even take their life.  Counseling and removing despair from someone can be a difficult feat, but one needs to look no farther than Samson.

Samson's hope in God's mercy was rewarded.  If you would like to take Christian counseling courses, then please review the program

Samson’s hope in God’s mercy was rewarded. If you would like to take Christian counseling courses, then please review the program

Samson was blessed by the Lord with amazing strength.  This charism from the Holy Spirit enabled him to defend Israel yet his fallen nature fell to the temptation of Deliah, who seduced him and found the key to his power.  Of course, Sampson’s hair was a sacramental symbol of the grace that empowered him.  Once his soul sinned and betrayed the Lord, the cutting of the hair symbolized his fallen state.

Alone, desolate and without his Lord, he was then given over to the enemy.  There he was tortured and tied to two pillars to be mocked by the enemies of Israel.  Yet in this dark moments, Samson remember his Lord.  His power was not his hair, but his faith in the Lord.  Through his act of faith and repentance, the Holy Spirit filled him with his previous power–even without his long hair.

Samson did not find despair but he understood the love of God and in his hope he found salvation.  His power was restored and he offered himself as a martyr and brought justice to the enemies of the Lord.

How many times do we find ourselves feeling that God will not forgive us?  If so, merely remember Samson and in doing so, you will not only be forgiven but also restored to your previous stature before the Lord.

If you would like to take Christian Counseling Courses, please review the program.


Mark Moran, MA, GC-C, SCC-C

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