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A good article about spiritual empathy and moving beyond our own pains and worries and encompassing others.

Spiritual Counseling Certification and empathy article

Spiritual Counseling Certification and empathy article

The article states,

“True empathy is a state of being. When we live empathically we can relate with our full experience of life at a level of mindful and conscious awareness. Awareness of ourselves, awareness of others, and awareness of a greater universal intelligence of which we are an integral and dynamic part.”

To read this article, please click here

If you are interested in learning more also about the Spiritual Counseling Program at AIHCP, then please review our program.  The program consists of independent study courses that lead to certification in Spiritual Counseling for qualified professionals.  If you would like to see this program matches your academic and professional needs, then please review it here at Spiritual Counseling Certification

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