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Stress Management from Around the World

An Asian lady smiling

Who knew taking your shoes off could relieve stress?

Ever wonder how stress management is accomplished in other countries?  Ever think about how cultures treat stress?   Then perhaps you should continue reading this post.   Stress is a universal term.   It effects everyone.   Managing stress is a universal problem.   How you relieve stress however is not.   For example in Japan they routinely kick off their business shoes for something a little more comfortable.   They also have 20 paid holidays a year!   For the full list of stress management practice from around the world please read below:

By Corrie Pikul
From Oprah.com via Yahoo News

Stress Management Techniques from Around the Globe.

Sweden: Taking a Sweet Pause Every Day

Your “coffee break” may consist of an out-and-back sprint to grab a latte to-go, but in Sweden, the institution of the coffee break (usually around 10 a.m. and another at 3 p.m.) is a sit-down mini-meal that dates back to the 1700s. It’s called fika, and it involves leaving the workplace with a friend to have a cup of coffee and, usually, a sweet treat. Schedule an afternoon fika into your busy day, and invite friends to join you (you can’t fika solo).

As you can see stress management has many shapes and sizes in different cultures.   Hopefully this helps you to try something different next time you feel the need to manage your stress.

A picture of Earth being squeezed by stress

The planet needs stress management!

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