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Stress Management Study: Stress in America

A hand squeezing a stress ball

Everyone needs stress management!

Stress Management is quickly becoming a growing field in the American workplace.   Stress studies are now being conducted to further understand stress and its demographics.  Stress consulting professionals have found out that stress regardless of the date have three major points in common; Women, People with low education and People with lower incomes all are more stressed out than another group.   These three groups should be the focus of any stress relief.   An article below has more on this subject.

From Huffington Post

Stress Management and How It Can Help The American Workplace!

The study included examinations of stress at three specific points in time: 1983, 2006 and 2009. The researchers looked at all sorts of different demographic information, including gender, age, employment, race, education and income, to see if there were changes in stress among these groups over the 26-year period. The study was based on phone interviews of 2,387 adults, as well as online responses from 4,000 adults.

The researchers found that women, people with less education and people with low incomes reported more stress at all three time points than other demographics.

For the full article please go here.

Stress management is not hard to implement into a business.   Creating a stress free workplace can be as easy as giving employee’s an extra break.   Allowing them extra time off in a crisis.  Lastly as an employer you could offer them small perks that show you really care about their contributions.

Two women giving a massage to eachother

A massage can be an excellent way to manage stress.

If you are interested in receiving an online stress management consulting certificate then you should visit our webpage for more information.


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