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Stress Management Techniques: Positives and Negatives

Stress management techniques do not have to be complicated.   They can be simply looking out a window and taking a deep breathe.   However they can also be negative ways to deal with stress like over eating, smoking, or drinking alcohol.    You should always identify your stressors and see how you are dealing with them.   If you are combating stress with something that is harmful to you then you might want to try some of these positive ways to deal with stress found in this article wrote Kara Heissman from PsychCentral.com

Stress Management Techniques: Positives and Negatives

Stress is unavoidable. This statement is a fact that most people are highly aware of nowadays. Every culture in the world has some degree of stress. People of all ages and from all walks of life experience a certain degree of stress on a daily basis.

Although it is not totally detrimental, constant or repeated exposure to high levels of stress has been known to cause a number of negative physical, mental, social and emotional issues. This is why it is vital to have effective stress management practices. There is no need to worry about finding an effective way to cope with stress — many options are available. Each individual simply has to pick one he or she believes is best suited to him- or herself.

For the full article please go here.

If you use any of the negative stress management practices found in the article, maybe you can try to substitute them with some of the positive ones.   This in turn can lead to a healthier and better way to manage stress.   If you want to learn more about stress management, you should check out our site.

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