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Stress Management Tips for EMT Students

The EMT career field is one of the most stressful anyone can join.  The training is no different.  Stress management is as an important aspect of the training as the medical training itself.    Student needs to learn how to manage stress properly.  But how can you manage your stress?  First step is to realize that stress is everywhere.   Managing stress is everyone’s problem.   The next step is to detect what triggers your stress.  Lastly you can learn to avoid or simply deal with your stress.   For a list of tips for EMT trainees to manage stress, please review below:

Two EMTs standing by an ambulance.

Stress management in a stressful career field?

By Greg Friese
From EMS1.com

Stress Management Tips for EMT Students

If you are about to complete your EMT training and prepare for the National Registry examination, your stress level is probably rising. A high-stakes certification test coupled with work and family demands may have you experiencing levels of stress you have not experienced before.

When I experience this, I try to remember management techniques that have served me well as a student, field EMS provider, educator, and manager:

For the full article please go here.

Stress management is easy once you relax and get some good advice.    If you want to learn more about stress management techniques then you should check out our site.


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