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Using Meditation to Reduce Stress, Prevent Burnout in Medical Professionals | Health content from EHS Today

  American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Stress is not foreign to medicial professionals.  Nurses, physicians and other health care professionals face long hours, live or die situations and multiple emergencies.  It is no wonder that health care professionals need some sort of stress management advice or practice.  The mere requirements of the job demand focus and skill with no time to relax.  Stress management and meditation are critical during the off time for these individuals to be able to recharge and relax. With this type of stress, many professionals are utilizing meditation as a way to reduce stress and


Give yourself a gift to manage holiday stress | Lifestyle | St. Albert Gazette

GET STRETCHING – Hatha yoga features stretching and strength-building postures, suitable for beginners through advanced students. Darlene Klassen runs evening classes in Hatha at the Star of the North. STU SALKELD/St. Albert Gazette American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: During the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year mayham, give yourself a break from the stress of planning.  Make sure you give yourself a gift, better yet, the gift of peace. Yoga or meditation can be an excellent way to find stress reduction during this hectic time of year.  It can keep you focused and also balanced to avoid post-Christmas burnout.  It


Stress Management Program: 12 Resources to Combat Caregiver Stress « SeniorHomes.com

  Caregiver stress is one of the most frequently-mentioned concerns when it comes to caring for an aging loved one. Here are 12 amazing resources for beating caregiver stress. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: This is a good article which lists resources for care givers who are over worked and stressed.  Burn out and combating stress is key for care givers. How many times do people forget that care givers are people too?  They have issues at home and issues at work that can build up.  This is especially the case with patient care. Stress management is important for


Asking the Question: How to Lower My Stress?

                               How I Lower My Stress By Cina Coren Life seems to get more and more complicated with each passing day. Years ago, before computers were introduced, we complained about not having the time we needed to do everything we wanted. 24 hours never seemed to be sufficient to complete our daily tasks. So we looked forward to advanced technology to lift the load off our shoulders and give us the space to breath. So what happened? Instead of using our ‘spare’ time to break through our hectic pace, we have taken upon ourselves more and more tasks and have


Does Stress Cause Hair Loss? Find Out Here!

  DEAR MAYO CLINIC : Is it true that chronic stress can cause hair loss, and if so, is the hair loss reversed once the stress is lessened? American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Stress is not worth losing your head of hair over.    Does stress cause hair loss?  Can too much stress make you bald?   These are questions adult men ask everyday.   The truth is yes stress can trigger hair loss in some cases.     In others it might be just your genetic makeup. How does stress cause hair loss?  Stress causes two types of hair loss; Telogen Effluvium and


Want to Learn How to Reduce Job Stress? Pay more!

  No wonder your boss looks so relaxed. Roughly two- thirds of Americans are stressed at work. Here’s how employers can help. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: How to Reduce Job Stress?   Start by Paying Your Employees a Little More. What is workplace stress?  Workplace stress is a productivity killer.  It costs millions a year to businesses.   It also ends careers and has negative physical side effects to your employees.   How to reduce job stress?   One answer is pay your employees more. A new study showed that money matters, A LOT!   Salary was the number one reason for job


how to become a stress management consultant

how to become a stress management consultant

  (TeleManagement) Stress and depression are linked to higher levels of markers of inflammation in the blood, according to a study. Various studies have linked psychosocial factors, like stress, depression and lack of social support with heart disease. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: It would make complete sense that emotionally distress such as grief or stress can affect us in negative ways.  As science and medicine advances, we discover more and more ways we are negatively affected when we are stressed out. This only supports the notion that stress management, meditation and other spiritual functions that promote peace are


Ways to Combat stress with proper diet, water intake

  Nail biting, excessive smoking, obesity and overeating are some of the symptoms of stress, which can be overcome with a balanced diet and by drinking enough water in a day. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Diet, Exercise, Water and Sleep are all Ways to Combat Stress! Stress!   Everyone has it.   Everyone deals with it.   However can everyone get rid of it? Truth is there are ways to combat stress that you can do everyday!    Using a good diet to reduce stress can be an excellent way to improve your life both physically and mentally.   By using exercise to


How Stress Can Hurt A Business

How Stress Can Hurt A Business

  WORK stress is causing sleep deprivation, harm to physical health and costing the economy $14.81 billion annually. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Learn How Stress Can Hurt A Business And How To Stop It! The truth about work related stress is that is costs businesses billions of dollars each year.   A stressed employee is a nonproductive one.   From illnesses and anxiety to employee burnout and lower quality of work are all signs of too much stress. What is the cost of work stress?   A new study shows stress costs businesses nearly 15 billion dollars annually.    Losing that much in


Signs of Stress for Professional Psychologists.

  Like their clients, psychologists struggle with work/life conflict. Here’s what new research says about how can they help their clients and themselves. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Stay on the Lookout for these Signs of Stress. Stress management consultants can also suffer from work related stress.   There are stressed out psychologists who also fall victim to stress.    Good thing their advice on reducing job stress can work for them as well.     It is not as easy of a job as some might think.    They pretty much need to be spot on so they can help their clients deal