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Stress Relief and Relaxation

Looking for stress relief?  Maybe you should be looking inside your own head.    Built inside ourselves we have a calming system.   We are designed to relieve stress.  We, however, choose not to use it.    Sometimes we have forgot how to access it altogether.   So now instead of simply using our internal calming systems, we sometimes reach for drugs or other substances to help calm us down.   We should say “NO MORE” to drugs designed to help us sleep, relax, and relieve anxiety and turn our own natural systems back online!   For more on how to do just that, please read below:

A picture of the human brain

Stress relief via your Vagus Nerve?

By Dr. Gayatri Devi, MD
From Huffington Post.

Stress Relief and our Vagus Nerve

What is your body’s powerful brake pedal, your oft-overlooked and neglected system? An integral component of your braking system is your vagus nerve, a far-flung nerve that reaches nearly all the organs of your body. It slows down your breathing and your heart rate and modulates your voice. It has been called the “great wandering protector” for good reason. Tapping into the vagus helps us achieve both brain and body health, which is the right balance between relaxation and stress.

For the full article please go here.

A hammock under a shaded structure at the beach.

Personally I would still keep a hammock handy!

Stress relief via our Vagus nerve is easy to achieve.   Sleep, touch, and meditation are all excellent ways to engage our Vagus.   Once you learn to master yourself, stress management will cease to be an issue.

If you like learning about stress and want to become a stress management consultant then you really should give our website a visit.


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