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Students faking for ADHD drugs to get a “Brain Boost”


STUDENTS are mimicking ADHD symptoms in a bid to get their hands on a drug that can help them improve their concentration.

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Faking for ADHD Drugs?

Teen drug abuse has always been a problem.  However, a new drug craze has students using “brain booster ADHD drugs” to help them study.    They are using ADHD medication to help them concentration for exams and assignments.    Question is using Ritalin as a study aid cheating?  (Students are faking for ADHD drugs.    They go to their doctor and fake the symptoms of adult ADHD in order to receive prescriptions for Ritalin.    They then take the Ritalin to help them focus on studying.)

There are even online forums dedicated to using Ritalin instead of cocaine.   Again is using Ritalin, a drug for ADHD to help study and learn, a bad thing?    Many feel that this is a substance abuse grey area.  That since it is not being abused for personal enjoyment or to feed an addiction that it is not that bad.  Others feel that they are cheating and have called it using mental steroids.   How do you feel about this?   Join the discussion and let us know.

See on www.straitstimes.com

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