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Study finds meditation makes people happy and nicer

A study from UC San Francisco found that meditation made schoolteachers more relaxed, nicer and reduced their stress levels.   The teachers meditated using several meditation techniques. They focused on their memories, their feelings, and how to develop empathy for those around them.   The article is from Newsreview.com.

Using Meditation to be happier and nicer.

A study that put 82 female schoolteachers through a short, intensive meditation regimen found the test subjects were less depressed, anxious or stressed, and more compassionate and aware of other’s emotions.

For the full article please go here.

Teacher smiling

Happiness is key to success in any career.

It is interesting to read how daily meditation can improve relaxation, reduce stress and help with keeping a positive attitude.   One has to wonder how much nicer the world would be if everyone took a few minutes a day to meditate and learn to relax.    If you want to learn how to meditate or want to learn more, please visit our meditation website.

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  1. I agree on what you mentioned! Meditation surely benefits a lot. Thank you for sharing the worthy content.

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