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Substance Abuse and Painkillers

Addiction to Pain Killers

A new alarming trend of addiction and substance abuse is taking place with substance abuse and painkillers.  People who are given a simple prescription after surgery for pain are becoming addicted to their soothing effects.   Many former patients feel that pain killers should completely kill the pain.   The truth is they should be used as pain managers.    Complete pain relief is an abuse of the drug.

Misuse of prescription drugs can lead to addiction

Misuse of prescription drugs can lead to addiction

Christina Mitchell from Courierpostonline.com talks about this growing problem in her article “Abuse Of Painkillers Seen As An Epidemic”.

Robert Richter got his first taste of Vicodin as a teen, when his sibling had a tooth pulled.

A dentist prescribed the popular painkiller and Richter, who grew up with an addicted mother, helped himself to a white, oval pill.

“The feeling was very calming and numbing,” recalls Richter, now 20 and a counselor at Recovery Advocates of America offices in Hamilton and Woodbury. “And I continued to use opiates, because of the emotional pain I was in.”

To read the entire article, please click here

Hopefully you understand the danger posed by prescription drugs.    They can help you post surgery to deal with the pain associated with it but they should not be used to make you numb to the pain.   If you are interested in learning more about substance abuse counseling, please click here.



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