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Drug Addiction in Teens

Drug Addiction in Teens

One in every five parents believes their advice has very little impact or effect over their kid’s substance abuse problem. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Drug Addiction affects our children. This article lets parents know they have do have a chance to influence their children into saying “no” to drugs.  The stats show simply by talking to your children, you can increase the chance of them staying off of drugs.   By being involved with your children you can show them the right way to deal with stress.    You can teach them that they do not need drugs to cope.  


Substance Abuse: Fruits of the Fallen Family

Substance Abuse: Fruits of the Fallen Family

Sustance Abuse, the Family and Children Substance Abuse counselors no doubt encounter common themes with their patients.  One common denominator would probably be bad family life.  While not always the case, undoubtedly, it is probably usually the case. The sad plight of the American family since the cultural revolution of the 60s has led to a decay of the traditional family and its values.  Values that held strongly to a moral code, interfamily communication, order, and support.  These values have been become weakened with the infusion of moral subjectivism and materialism. The case of materialism is especially striking.  Potentially due


Substance Abuse History Lesson.

Substance Abuse History Lesson.

With nice supporting work from Mitchell Lewis and Gustav von Seyffertitz (I just love the sound of that man’s name!), The Docks of New York proved to be a highly atmospheric surprise. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: How Modern Substance Abuse Got Its Start. This article takes a good look at the history of substance abuse and how AA was founded.   It goes into detail about how even in the past social networking turned into a great way for support.   We are social animals by nature.    We learn as a group.   We live as a group.   We thrive in