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Substance Abuse News: Child OxyContin?

A bunch of pills spilled out of a bottle

Substance abuse prevention is just as important as counseling. Do you want your children taking Oxy?

Prevention can be just as good as counseling when it comes to substance abuse.   Why deal with a problem when you get stop it from starting altogether?    That being said how comfortable would you be giving your child a highly addictive pain killer such as OxyContin?   A new study is testing to see the effects it has on child from the age of 6 to 17.    OxyContin is currently not approved for use in children and teenagers.    For more please read below:

By William Hudson

From CNN

Substance Abuse News: Clinical Trials for the Effects of OxyContin on Children.

For the full article please go here.

From a substance abuse counselor point of view I do not think we should encourage the use of one of the most widely abused pain killers in little children.   We have enough substance abuse problems as is.   We do not need to raise our children on OxyContin.

If you are interested in substance abuse counseling then you might want to check out our webpage for more information.



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