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Tag: ADHD Medication


Effectiveness Of ADHD Medication?

  Questions about the effectiveness of treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have been raised in a new study. The study examined young children taking American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Is ADHD Medication effective?   And if it is not then why are we putting our children on them?    A good article takes a look at how effective are these treatments for ADHD.    I for one would not want to put my children on medication if it was not effective.   For more on ADHD Counseling, follow us and visit our page.   See on www.healthaim.com


Doctors Advise Against Adhd Medication

Doctors Advise Against Adhd Medication

Have you been thinking about asking your doctor for ADHD Medication for your child?   You might want to think again and review some of the studies by neurologists and doctors on the side effects of ADHD drugs.   These ADHD Drug side effects can include insomnia, irregular heartbeats, drug addictions, and possibly seizures.  This is not a good way to treat ADHD.    The side effects can be worse than ADHD and longer lasting!   As parents we owe it to our children to search for better alternative ways to treat attention deficit disorder.   For a full report on the dangerous side effects


ADHD Medication Adderall Abuse.

ADHD Medication Adderall Abuse.

ADHD medication seems like the easy answer to ADHD.   One simple little pill could cure your child of all the symptoms of attention deficit disorder.    Medication like Adderall is one of the most prescribed drugs to treat ADHD.   What happens when these drugs start to be abused and given to students so they can get an edge on exams?   Or what if teens start using them as “party drugs”?   Believe it or not there is a black market for ADHD drugs.   Doctors could be prescribing these drugs incorrectly and they could be falling into the hands of drug abusers.   Read