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Tag: adult attention deficit disorder


4 Signs of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (AADD)

  Growing up in the 70s, no one was diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Instead we were labeled disruptive, excitable, loud, and annoying.  Teachers complained American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Here is a good article about signs of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder.   Adult ADHD is more common than most think.   Use these 4 signs as a gauge to see if you need to see a doctor.   For more on this subject please visit: ADHD Counseling See on pleasanton.patch.com


Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder is just how it sounds.   It is ADHD for adults.  Normally ADD is identified in a child and it is treated through counseling or medication.   However in some cases the attention deficit disorder can go unnoticed and lead to adult ADD.   This can happen when parents or teachers do not properly address the symptoms or it gets misdiagnosed.   An article by http://newsolio.com has more on this subject. Adult Attention Deficit Disorder What is Adult ADD? Adult Attention Deficit Disorder is your childhood Attention Deficit Disorder, all grown up. For some people, the symptoms of ADD lessen