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Advent as Grateful Waiting for God’s Gift of Spiritual Companionship

Advent as Grateful Waiting for God’s Gift of Spiritual Companionship

  Waiting has been a powerful spiritual theme in my life, especially with regard to decades of delay in being able to live as a fully adult man, delayed for decades as a transgender person stalled by both doctors and religious mentors in a… American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Christian Counselors await the birth of Christ, like all Christians.  Advent is thus a time of waiting and preparing ourselves as the patriarchs of old awaited the coming of the Messiah. Spiritual reflection, fasting and good works are an important element of Christmas, especially during the Advent season where we


Eastern Fast and Western Fast: The Difference?

Eastern Fast and Western Fast:  The Difference?

Become a Certified Christian Counselor:  East and West Fast Differences Christian Counselors can help many confused Christians of both East and West regarding fast rules and regulations.  Christian Counseling sessions can include a time for informative exchange of information.  One such conversation can include both Eastern and Western guidelines. The History of Differences Even prior to the schism of the Eleventh Century, the East and the West had begun to diverge socially from each other.  While the Eastern empire continued to prosper, the Western empire began to crumble as barbarian invasions crippled it during the Fourth and Fifth centuries.  Traditions