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Tips for Teaching a Death and Dying Class in Your Community

Tips for Teaching a Death and Dying Class in Your Community

If you are searching for a way to improve end-of-life awareness and make a lasting impact on society you might consider teaching a class on death and dying at your local community college. The future of end-of-life care in our country ultimately depe… Source: www.huffingtonpost.com A good article for certified bereavement counselors to review and apply to their potential teaching and instruction regarding death and dying in the classroom setting if you would like to learn more about grief counseling and death and dying then please review the program and see if it matches your academic and professional needs #bereavementcounselingcourses


Grief Counseling Book Review

Grief Counseling Book Review

Grief Counseling Book Review and Certified Bereavement Counselors Bereavement care for those who lose a loved one is a difficult process.  Those left behind are left with a great gap in their heart.  In some cases, this journey of adaptation is harder for others.  In her memoir, “Staying Alive: A Love Story” by Laura Hayden, Laura writes about the loss of her husband.  Below is a short review on her book.  Simply click the link and review it for yourself and see if you are interested in reading her story of loss and eventual wholeness.     Kyle Kernan of