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Christian Counseling Online Program: Christ’s Human Nature: A Counseling Paradigm for All Spiritual Maladies

The Icon of Christ as Pantocrator teaches us his divine power but also his human side. The distortion of the face represents two natures in one person

Christian Counseling Should Utilize Christological Principles Christ’s human nature is a divine mystery tied to the Hypostatic Union or as stated in Scripture when “the Word became Flesh”.  This miraculous fusion of natures gives much for meditation and thought but also serves as an excellent paradigm for Christian Counseling.  Through it, Christ becomes the ultimate example for any spiritual malady men may face.  His example consists in his victory over any temptation. The Importance of the Hypostatic Union The mystery of the Hypostatic Union transcends all human reasoning.  Our reason must acquiescence to faith and our spiritual eyes must see what