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Christian Grief Counseling certification: A video on AIHCP’s Program in Grief Counseling

Christian Grief Counseling Certification ¬†Christian Grief counseling certification at AIHCP are among the most known and respected.¬† We are the leading certification organization in grief and hope this video helps others understand how our program works.   If you are interested in learning more about our Christian grief counseling courses, then click here   AIHCP


Blessed Are Those Who Mourn: Christian Grief Perspective

Christian Grief and Mourning Christ promised that the joys of this world are but fleeting moments. He did not denounce them, nor condemn them but merely pointed out that final joy and happiness can only be found in God and completed and fulfilled in the next world. Joy that is found in material possessions and earthly endeavors are sure to bring disappointment while joy in spiritual treasure and love of God will last long after the death of our temporal bodies. With these things in mind, Christ looked at the mis-fortunate of the world and reassured them of these mysteries