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Is Christian Persecution just a ‘myth’?

Is Christian Persecution just a ‘myth’?

Today’s persecution is a clear indicator of yesterday’s persecution American Institute Health Care Professionals‘ insight: A good counter to the bogus claim the Christian persecutions were myths.  Also a good look at Islamic persecution of the Church. Today’s persecution of Christians continue in Iran, Egypt,  Syria, North Korea and many parts of Africa.  The Church is full of martyrs. #christiancounselingcourses To learn more about Christian Counseling certification. then please review our program.  The courses in Christian Counseling offered at AIHCP lead one to certification.  By taking the core courses in Christian Counseling, one becomes eligible to become certified. In the


Can a Person Be Overly Righteous?

Can a Person Be Overly Righteous?

  Can “be not overly righteous” in Ecclesiastes 7:16 really be saying what it seems to be saying? Does God actually want us to tone down our righteousness? American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: The pharisees showed this type of behavior.  When we look at our goodness from ourselves instead of God, we find danger.  We can merit no good of our own accord but only through the Holy Spirit and divine grace. When we enter into a “how glorious am I” type attitude we become the pharisees.  We see only our virtues and everyone’s vice.  We do not see


Counseling through the Theology of Suicide

Positive and Direct Suicide: Picture from the Yorck Project

  Counseling the Sin of Despair  How should religious counseling view suicide?  Since the hanging of Judas, suicide has been equated to the ‘sin of Judas’ and the unforgivable sin. This stain for centuries prohibited those   victim to self death from the rites of Christian burial. This hard stance was the main view within Christian circles but this view has seemed to decline over time with a stronger emphasis on pastoral care and understanding of the so called “damned”. Escaping from centuries of social stigma and religious condemnation, a new view has emerged due to a better understanding in the