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Americans Dredge Up Last Remaining Reserves Of Grief

Americans Dredge Up Last Remaining Reserves Of Grief

OKLAHOMA CITY—In the wake of yesterday’s devastating tornado that has so far left 24 dead and hundreds injured in the Oklahoma City area, citizens around the country reportedly dredged up what little remained of the nation’s… American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Americans face yet another tragedy with the twister that hit Oklahoma, just following the events in Boston, Sandyhook, and Super Storm Sandy.  How much more can Americans take? If you are interested in grief counseling, then please review the program  The courses in grief counseling training are an excellent way for social workers, counselors, ministers, funeral directors, nurses


Courses in Grief Counseling Training: American Academy of Grief Counseling

AAGC Site Recognized by Masters in Counseling We are pleased to learn that “Masters in Counseling” has selected the American Academy of Grief Counseling website to be listed among its 100 top recommended counseling resources site. We are grateful to receive this acknowledgement.  The Masters in Counseling site is a well organized resource for “everything” counseling. We highly encourage our members and our visitors to make use of the site. Access Masters in Counseling site: click here If you would like to learn more about grief counseling and bereavement then please review our courses in grief counseling training. Our program