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When Health Care Information Technology Shouldn’t Use Social Media

When Health Care Information Technology Shouldn’t Use Social Media

At a time when social media is the latest rage in health care information technology, it is strange to see a title state when social media should NOT be used.   But yes it is true there are several reason when a Healthcare information technology company should not use social media.     An article from emrandhipaa.com has more on this subject: When Health Care Information Technology Shouldn’t Use Social Media I believe that every healthcare IT and EHR company could benefit from social media, but I don’t think all healthcare IT and EHR companies should do social media. In fact, the company


Health Care Information Technology News

Are you interested in the latest health care information technology news?   You might want to review the article below.   It has updates on many of the health care IT vendors and advances in health information technology.   From HealthDataManagement.com: Health Care Information Technology News Health information technology vendors have recently announced new initiatives including acquisitions, discounted purchasing opportunities and customer wins: For the full article please go here. If you want to know more about health care IT then you might be interested in visiting our Health Care Information Technology certification webpage.    


Health Care Information Technology behind the times?

The health care information technology field might be at risk for becoming a little out dating when compared to their customers.   The latest innovation to be adopted in the health care IT field is not being implemented by the professionals but the patients instead.   Brian T. Horowitz from Eweek.com writes about how patients are ahead of health care providers in adopting social media to find what doctors are the best for them. Are the patients ahead of Health Care Information Technology? Patients may be a step ahead of their local hospitals in adopting social media tools, a new report by