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Health Coaching Tips to Speed Up A Workout.

Health Coaching Tips to Speed Up A Workout.

By Dave Smith American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Workouts are long.   They are boring.   They take too much time!   These are several excuses that many (myself included) have used as a mental reason to skip your workouts.    After reviewing these health coaching tips on how to make your workouts “fly by”, it is solid health coach advice.    For me I find that if I use #3 with #4 and make sure I have a #16 waiting at the end of the week, I can stay on track.   What works for you?    For more on how to become a health


Health Coaching Tips: Fitness Facts Vs Myths

Health Coaching Tips: Fitness Facts Vs Myths

Looking for some health coaching tips to help you lose those problem pounds?   What if the information you are receiving is not the best?    It is true that not everyone is a health care coaching expert.   There is a lot of myths among the facts.    For example cardio will get rid of stomach fat.   This is not true.  Cardio will get rid of body fat.   To target your waist line, you will need to do resistant training for your target area, in this example your stomach.   Another myth is crunches will build flat abs.   The truth is in your diet.