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Health Information Technology: Emerging Role of Electronic Health

Health Information Technology: Emerging Role of Electronic Health

Emerging Role of Electronic Health Record in Nursing Profession Dr. Dey below writes about the rise of electronic health records in nursing and nursing informatics.  Dr. Dey is currently one of our instructors at the American Institute of Health Care Professionals and is the instructor for Health Information Technology Certification Program.   Abstract In this article the author points out the essential and emerging role of Electronic Health Record in nursing practices. While nursing is about direct caregiving, the medical and nursing community is acutely aware of the monumentally increasing demand in patient care that we are experiencing.  Information Technology,


Health Information Technology in Nursing

Health Information Technology in Nursing

Are you in the nursing field with an iPhone?  Health Information Technology might have an App for that!   New health technologies are coming out with phone applications that are making nursing jobs a lot easier.   Health care information technology professionals have practically made an application for the iPhone for anything a nurse can think of.   Health care info tech limit is the imagination of the nurses they help.   For an interesting article on apps for nurses please read below: By Karyn Buxman From Nurse Together Health Information Technology Mobile Advances in Nursing iPhones are amazing – one of the best