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Is Healthcare Information Technology Making a New Breed of Doctors?

Is Healthcare Information Technology Making a New Breed of Doctors?

Healthcare information technology keeps advancing and doctors are advancing right along with it.  How you ask are doctors using new technology to help their patients?   Some doctors have setup blogs with answers to everyday questions.   They then send their patients quick e-mails directing them to this blog page.   It is quick, easy, and time saving.   Instead of spending time on the phone now doctors are available to focus their attention on more important cases.   Healthcare IT also has helped setup ways for doctors to shoot quick text messages to their patients as well via their smart phones.   For more on


CareLinx And Healthcare Information Technology

CareLinx And Healthcare Information Technology

Are you a professional caregiver who’s ready to work independently, but don’t know how to get started? Many of us baby boomer generation nurses are looking for a way to supplement our incomes as we prepare to retire from the rigors of full time nursing, while nursing students and home health aides can gain valuable experience and income working part time while in school. Depending on word of mouth to advertise your skills in the community can be iffy at best, while negotiating rates through local mom and pop agencies can be frustrating. Or perhaps you’ve been on the other