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The Impact of Healthcare IT

The Impact of Healthcare IT

Smashing Boxes Designs and Develops Custom Applications Using Ruby on Rails, AndroidOS, and iOS American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: How Healthcare IT is Impacting Our Healthcare System. Technology is having a large impact on every area of our daily lives.   The healthcare field is no different.   Healthcare IT is quickly digitizing our medical records and giving doctors access to information around the world.   Health IT news travels quickly, however how big of an impact is health information technology having on our healthcare system? In order to measure the impact that Healthcare IT is having on the system as a


Healthcare IT Looking to Smart Phones

Healthcare IT Looking to Smart Phones

Jim Turnbull, CIO at University of Utah Health Care, says mobile technology as the next big opportunity for getting patients more involved in managing their healthcare. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Healthcare IT Advances in Smart Phone Technology Healthcare IT should be used to get patients more involved in managing their personal healthcare.    Health IT should use mobile technologies to accomplish this.   It just makes sense to use a smart phone because normally people do not have a PC on them.    Also with the way smart phones are advancing they should might replace the home PC anyways.   This is


Healthcare IT Job Posting

Looking for a job in the Healthcare IT field?   Then you might want to submit your application at the following link. From Tailored Health Care Staffing Healthcare IT Job Posting Tailored Healthcare Staffing (THS), a leading provider of healthcare IT jobs, is a looking for an experienced Implementation Project Manager for a facility in Ohio. This individual will direct teams who are responsible for the implementation of the Epic EMR system. Implementation manager will lead the project life cycle, including support activities after going live. Call Chandler at 866.871.0568 or email recruitment@tailoredhealthcarestaffing.com for more details. Apply now before this opportunity