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Following a Holistic Diet – Steer Clear of GMOs

  Many new organizations, including the Non-GMO Project, are on a mission to preserve non-GMO products, and increase the awareness through food labeling. Want to be part of the non-GMO bandwagon? Here are my top five reasons to let go of GMOs. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Sticking to a Holistic Diet and Avoiding GMOs. If you did not know it already but Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMO for short, are plants and animals that have had their DNA modified in a lab.   If this is something you are okay with consuming and having in your body then you


Holistic Diet and Exercise Helped Girl Drop 107 Pounds!

Holistic Diet and Exercise Helped Girl Drop 107 Pounds!

A proper holistic diet and exercise is a great way to make a positive change to our life style.   Keeping up with it, day to day, can be a grind though.   That is why we look to inspirational stories of success to keep us going.    A young lady one day decided that she was sick of eating unhealthy and weighing over 200+ pounds.   She changed her diet to a holistic health care diet and started exercising.    She lost over 100 pounds and is keeping it off.   Her story is below: By Polina Marinova From CNN.com How a Holistic Diet and


Eating a Holistic Diet at a Restaurant

Eating a Holistic Diet at a Restaurant

Going to a restaurant does not mean you cannot keep your  holistic diet.   Holistic nutritional dinners are available everywhere.   You just need to know how to keep your meals holistic.  By understanding the basics; avoid carbs like bread, sub out starches like pasta and rice for steamed vegetables and try to enjoy yourself!   For more tips please review this article: From Maryvancenc.com Eating a Holistic Diet at a Restaurant Many of my clients feel limited or overwhelmed about dining out when they are on a gluten and/or dairy free or paleo plan. Some of them are initially pissed at me