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America’s Christian Symbol

America’s Christian Symbol

Christian Symbol of America While it is true our constitution does not endorse one religion over another, one cannot deny the imprint of Christianity upon the history of America and the importance of it in the life of Americans.  While immoral laws pass and the idea of God is attacked, the will and desires of the people is truly seen in this soon to be constructed 700 foot cross which is a true Christian symbol of our country. Foxnews writes about this giant monument to Christ in the country’s heartland. Public symbols of Christianity are under attack around the nation,


Christian Educators on the Existence of God Within Us and How to Become a certified Christian Biblical Counselor

Christian Educators Will Be Amazed by Laninin and How to Become a Certified Christian Biblical Counselor The video below can enhance Christian educators on the existence of God within us from even a biological perspective.   To view the video, click here   Christian educators should share this video with others and express the awesomeness of Christ in how he imprints his saving mark on all of us in even the most cellular level.   If you are interested in the Christian Counseling Certification Program, please click here. If you would also like to learn how to become a certified