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Counseling for Good Decision Making

Counseling for Good Decision Making

Ignatian Ideals for the Counseling of Forming Decisions St. Ignatius in his Spiritual Exercises focuses on many spiritual dilemmas and decisions.  In particular he emphasizes the importance in making good elections or decisions.  A critical element in Christian counseling and spiritual counseling is helping others form good life decisions.  These decisions may range from vocational life decisions to everyday life decisions.  Regardless of the magnitude, St. Ignatius believes decisions should be made carefully and deliberately when they involve the life of the soul. As a Christian Counselor it is important to help a spiritual child find peace and resolution in


Lent Beyond Tradition and Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling Should Prepare the Faithful for Lent Christian Counseling sessions should prepare souls for Lent.  The Church has set aside a special time for Christians to prepare themselves for the Resurrection of Christ. Far from merely just a historical memorial of an event, it is a living tradition where the Mystical Body of Christ together as one unit, spiritually renewing itself in union with its head, Jesus Christ. While the event in question happened two millennia ago, one still can simultaneously reflect on Christ’s death and carry one’s own cross. This is the supernatural mystery of Lent because one’s