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Real Men Cry

Real Men Cry

Grief Counseling For Grieving Men The myth that is not manly to grieve is quickly becoming less and less as psychology studies grief patterns.  The myth that men do not grieve or that their grief is more acute but quickly gone is just not true.  The days and images of men as the “Duke” or  Spartan warriors are quickly fading and people are beginning to realize that the existence of grief does not weaken one’s toughness but is a universal experience critical to recovery among all people.  Grief Counseling is at the forefront of helping men grieve without shame and come to a healthy recovery.  With these new


Should Grief Counselors Encourage Bonds Beyond the Grave?

Should Grief Counselors Encourage Bonds Beyond the Grave?

The clash of metaphysics and empirical science the last two centuries has created two divergent thoughts. One thought accepts an afterlife and the other denounces anything spiritual. Modern psychology as a science venerates the mind as a masterpiece of evolution while theology reveres it as a metaphysical organ that bridges the soul and the body. As Christian counselors and grief counselors, one will encounter two schools of thought concerning the deceased. One school emphasizing that visions are delusions or pathological conditions and the other school accepting the reality that bonds continue beyond the grave and our loved ones do and