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I Believe, Therefore I Understand

I Believe, Therefore I Understand

Christian Counselors As Guides Towards Faith For centuries the debate of faith versus reason has gone back and forth.  Aquinas and Augustine championed the Christian metaphysical views. Later they were challenged by the Empiricists and Logical Positivists who denied the existence of anything that cannot be physically verified.  In return, various Christian apologetics responded that one cannot study metaphysics as a physical science for it transcends science and the tools of science cannot comprehend or measure it.  The purpose of today’s blog is not to be a course study in apologetics, but instead is intended for Christians who already believe, or


The Beatitudes and Christian Counseling

The Beatitudes and Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling and The Call of Christ to Seek Perfection Christian Counseling sesssions should direct the spiritual child to a more perfect way of existence.  This Christian attempt for perfection can be found in the Eight Beatitudes of Christ.  Christ taught these Eight states of being during one of his many sermons. These states of being did not attempt to escape an imperfect temporal world, but identified the suffering of the fallen world, and contrasted these imperfections with the perfections of the next life.  In doing so, Christ also illustrated states of perfection that all Christians should strive despite society’s