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Learning More About Grief Counseling Regarding Cyberbullies and Grief

  RIP trolls claim that they are mocking “grief tourism,” which they define as saccharine outpourings of grief. Yet to those who experience this kind of trolling it inspires disgust and deep sadness. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: People and their grief can be exposed and harassed in new ways with the arise of the social media era.  With people broadcasting their lives and expressing their grief in good ways, they can also encounter negative influences via cyber bulling.  If you are interested in learning more about grief counseling, then please review the program. #griefcouselingprogram See on www.huffingtonpost.com


Post Holiday Depression and Grief Counseling

Post Holiday Depression and Grief Counseling

Grief and Depression After the Holidays With all the excitement and mystery of Christmas on its way out, many are left with cold weather, wrapping paper, smashed boxes and a withering tree at the end of the driveway.  Grief Counselors may find themselves counseling many people towards ways to rediscover balance and a normal routine again after the Holidays.  Part of the blame is society.  While society turns Christmas and the holidays into a capitalistic endeavor that begins after Thanksgiving dinner and ends the day after Christmas, people are left with an emptiness.  Spirituality and a true understanding of the


Sarah York’s “Remembering Well”-An Excellent Guide for Pastoral Professionals

Sarah York’s “Remembering Well”-An Excellent Guide for Pastoral Professionals

Grief Counseling Review: Remembering Well From a standpoint of one who deals with grieving families, this short work is a must have in one’s grief counseling library.   Grief Counselors come across a myriad of issues and challenges in the aftermath of death.  When grief counselors, pastoral counselors, funeral directors, or ministers are asked to aid in the memorial of a lost loved one, it can become a difficult task to deal with in a professional but also compassionate manner.  This text answers many of the problems one will face and helps guide the pastoral professional. From prepartion to guidelines on