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Legal Nurse Consulting Certification Article on Nursing Home Abuse

Legal Nurse Consulting Certification Article on Nursing Home Abuse

Good article on the reality and abuse that exists within nursing homes and  how few cases come to light or are prosecuted. Please also review our Legal Nurse Consulting Certification The article, Failing care: Abuses in nursing homes seldom get reported to police, by Nicole C. Brambila states “When employees at a ManorCare facility in Pottsville walked in on what appeared to be a resident sexually assaulting an impaired resident last year, they reported it to their supervisors. After two days passed without any action, someone left an anonymous tip with Pottsville police that resulted in the arrest of Thomas R. Brough,


legal nurse consulting certification

legal nurse consulting certification

I graduated from a four year degree nursing program and immediately went to work for a busy hospital in the trauma department. After about five years, I decided that I wanted to slow down but still wanted to continue working in the nursing field. One of my co-workers told me she was going to school to become a legal nurse consultant and this interested me a lot. I went back to school to get my  legal nurse consulting certification and have come to really love my job now. On a typical day, I review medical records for attorneys and then