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In Faith We Find Forgiveness

Christian Counselors and Helping People Receive God’s Forgiveness This Sunday, I heard a very interesting sermon on the healing of the bleeding woman and about faith.  I would like to surmise it for Christian Counselors to maybe also use when helping people receive the grace of forgiveness from Christ. In the Gospel of St. Luke, Jesus cured the bleeding woman.  She was considered unclean by Jewish law.  While the Book of Job demonstrated that sin is not directly correlated with sickness, the Jewish people of that time still held strong to the opinion that sickness and sin were directly related. 


Last Words of Christ

Christian Counseling: Last Seven Words of Christ The video below beautifully outlines Christ’s last seven words on the cross.  Have a peaceful and spiritual holy week If you are interested in learning more about Christian Counseling, then please click here If you would like to become a Christian Counselor, then also review.  The program in Christian Counseling consists of core courses.  These courses help prepare qualified professionals for the academic and pastoral demands of Christian Counseling. If you would like to become a Christian Counselor, then please review our blog also.     AIHCP