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Patients’ odds of winning medical malpractice suits in Canada aren’t good

  The chances of a patient winning a medical malpractice lawsuit against a doctor in Canada are slim, according to After the Error: Speaking Out About Patient Safety to Save Lives, a new book on the subject… American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: A very interesting look at the malpractice playing field in Canada. Out of 521 cases that went to trial, only 116 led to a judgment that favoured the patient. And the median damage awarded was just $117,000, he noted. The author states that physicians in Canada are defended by a physician association with considerable assets. A interesting


Florida Physicians Closer To Medical Malpractice Bill

  The Florida Medical Association is one step closer to passing a medical malpractice bill after it was approved by the Senate Rules Committee on Tuesday . The American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Medical malpractice reform initiatives are alive and well! This bill would change criteria on who can testify for or against a physician in a medical malpractice case. It is a short but interesting piece of information. #legalnurse See on www.dougbeam.com