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Online Stress Management Programs Found Effective

Online Stress Management Programs Found Effective

Improving access, enhancing quality and lowering the costs of health care services is a central tenet to health care reform. Policymakers and providers American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Looking to combat the stress in your life?  A study shows that online stress management is very effective in doing just that!   Online stress management  with the use of meditation can reduce stress!   For more information in regards to Online Stress Management please visit our site. See on psychcentral.com


Online Stress Management Advice for the Holidays

Online Stress Management Advice for the Holidays

By: Dr. John Grohol Normal causes of stress exist year round and with practice you can overcome them.   During the holidays, however, you can experience new sources of stress.   Relatives, planning, shopping, crowds, parties, over eating, etc all can lead to stress.    Many people turn to online stress management advice to help with coping strategies and stress reduction techniques.   An excellent article for the Huffington Post has several strategies you can use to combat the Holiday Blues. Online Stress Management to Survive the Holidays The holidays are upon us — and so is the time of the year