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End of life: Pastoral Care Certifications

  End of life — Take steps to make your dying loved one comfortable. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: The final days of life are critical for the needs of the dying.  Where to die, what spiritual preparation and how to say goodbye.  These elements sometimes do not befall all who are dying but as pastoral care givers, it is important to try to give everyone the proper dignity that surrounds death.  If you are interested in pastoral care certifications, please click here   See on www.mayoclinic.com


Pastoral and Spiritual Care of a Coma Patient

Pastoral Care for the Coma Patient   Pastoral and Spiritual Care for those in a coma is important because one cannot ascertain if the patient is totally unconscious or not. In this way, pastoral care givers should treat the coma patient as if conscious.  Furthermore, the spiritual energy and presence can also communicate without any sensible connection.  Albeit many deny the metaphysical realm, I would contend as a one of the faithful that such connection would exist. Sara from the Institute of HeartMath writes in her article “The Effects of Compassionate Presence on People in Comas” about the sense of positive energy that can