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Stress Counseling: Do Nothing At All!

Stress Counseling: Do Nothing At All!

Truman Capote once described himself as a “completely horizontal author” who wrote his best works lying down, often with a cigarette or sherry in hand. Most of us don’t have the luxury of working on our backs. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: 9 very good reasons why we should do nothing at all.  Managing stress should not be difficult.   Use these stress tips to help organize your stress relief efforts.    By acting now you are stop stress dead in its tracks.   Allowing you to relax more and worry less.   Deal with stress, do not let it deal with you.


Taking Timeouts to Decrease Stress and Increase Creativity

Taking Timeouts to Decrease Stress and Increase Creativity

Written in collaboration with Neal Vahle, Ph.D. The world today is moving faster than ever. Technology has changed the way we communicate and get information and entertainment, and also the way we read, learn and how, when, where and from whom we buy products. And these changes will keep coming faster and more dramatically, causing most of us to be rushing and racing just to keep up. The result is an enormous amount of stress, tension and exhaustion, which severely decreases the quality of our health, our relationships and our work. When overstressed, we don’t sleep well, are more anxious