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Stress Management Counseling Techniques.

Stress Management Counseling Techniques.

Reduce Stress With These Stress Management Counseling Tips. Being stressed out is something that everyone can identify with. Stress can be an unwelcome companion, but if you think of ways to handle it well, you won’t even notice it’s there. Being prepared helps, and that’s where this article comes in. Here are some smart stress management counseling tips to cope with stress so that it won’t paralyze you. Massages are great in relieving stress. A massage can release the tension from your body, loosening the tight knots that have formed in your muscles due to stress. A massage improves your


Mental Stress is Harder on Women than Men

A new study has shown that mental stress is harder on a woman’s heart than a man’s heart.   During the study, men and women underwent several mental stress inducing exams.   It showed that the blood flow to the men’s heart increased as stress increased and that women did not have any increase in blood flow.   For more information on this study please review the article below by Kathleen Doheny from WebMD Mental Stress is Harder on Women than Men Coping with mental stress may be harder on a woman’s heartthan a man’s, according to new research. Men and women given


Is stress management counseling to better health?

Stress management counseling could be the answer you are looking for in regards to health and wellness.   Far too many times we all ignore signs of stress induced health risks.   Lack of sleep, hypertension, high blood pressure, depression can all be signs of stress.    Getting stress counseling can help identify what it triggering the stress and teach you stress management practices that can relieve your stress and help you become a healthier you.   An article wrote by Tanya Wilke, MD from federalwaymirror.com has more on the importance of stress management. Stress Management Counseling and Your Health Our body responds to


Taking Timeouts to Decrease Stress and Increase Creativity

Taking Timeouts to Decrease Stress and Increase Creativity

Written in collaboration with Neal Vahle, Ph.D. The world today is moving faster than ever. Technology has changed the way we communicate and get information and entertainment, and also the way we read, learn and how, when, where and from whom we buy products. And these changes will keep coming faster and more dramatically, causing most of us to be rushing and racing just to keep up. The result is an enormous amount of stress, tension and exhaustion, which severely decreases the quality of our health, our relationships and our work. When overstressed, we don’t sleep well, are more anxious