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Stress Management Strategies

Stress Management Strategies

Three Great Ways to Manage Your Stress Do you seek out way to effectively manage your stress? If not, you may want to acquire some new skills now that the holiday season is upon us. The holidays can be so joyous and yet many people feel a sense of increased stress for a variety of reasons. We highly recommend this great article that will teach some effective strategies. By: Michele Hoos The Huffington Post Access article: click here Stress Management Strategies should be a key component of any successful business.   Learning to free yourself from your stressors will not


Work, Burnout and Stress Management Strategies

Work, Burnout and Stress Management Strategies

The Stress of Burnout Whether we would like to admit it or not, at one time or another, we have all experienced burnout.  Constant deadlines, long hours, lack of sleep and no vacations all lead to this natural breaking down of the physical and mental body.  Stress management strategies are essential to maintaining a healthy outlook and preventing burnout.  Below are a few good tips on how to prevent or deal with burnout.  These ideas come from Ruth Luban and her article “Proven Ways You Can Combat Burnout” in the April 1997 Edition of Vitality. 1.  Breathing Exercises 2. Establishing boundaries